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Training courses will assist stakeholders in human research ethics, especially researchers, to be responsible for safeguarding rights and welfare of research participants.


Information Management System for the Institutional review board (IRB) inside Mahidol University to prepare “Annual Report and Risk Management Report” to the vice-president for research annually


Mahidol University Web application for institutional review board (IRB) data management will provide online submission for researchers, assist reviewing process for IRB member and assist record keeping & archiving for IRB staff as well as generate report for IRB performance.

Online Learning Center

E-Learning in Research Ethics

Online lessons for researchers’ self-study in human research ethics through the Internet.

Researcher-assessment guide for human research

This guide will help researchers to understand which type of research need ethical approval from the IRB and the reviewing process that will be carry on by the IRB


Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is a self-study online training program for ethics in human research.

Ethical Guidelines for Research

Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines for Ethics in Human Subject Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers about human research

Thai Laws Related to Research

Thai Law and Regulations Related to research

MU Central-IRB (MU-CIRB)

Mahidol University Central Institutional Review Board

Mahidol University Central Institutional Review Board (MU-CIRB) responsible for oversight human research for faculties/colleges which do not establish their own IRB

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