Vision & Mission Subheading



to be the center of education and training in Human research ethics, both in the national level and ASEAN. Also, to be the pioneer in establishing the network of cooperation between multiple IRBs within and outside the research institute to meet standard, nationwide, that conform to international standard.


1. Develop the policy to oversight Human research within Mahidol University, using systematic approach, to establish IRB network and comply with standard regulations.

2. Provide education regarding Human research ethics to both University’s personnel and outer organizations.

3. Develop and implement quality standard policies for efficient reviewing and monitoring human research for the institutional review boards that meet with international standard by conducting internal survey every 3 years.

4. Be the center of IRBs information, by gather and summarize annual activities of the IRBs within Mahidol University and present to the adnimistrativeboard, also act as the main co-operation center that coordinate with external organization, both in public and private sector.